16 Things Winners Do on a Daily Basis

All men are created equal. But I don’t think it can be contested we won’t die that way. I mean, I suppose if you wanted to get technical and be annoying, we all end up equally dead, but the lives we live will be anything but equal.

The reality is this; in today’s world, there are winners and there are losers.

The sole factor that differentiates the two will ultimately come down to the actions or inactions taken on a daily basis. It’s truly that simple.

There are massive action steps winners take in order to get ahead in life which require experience, skill, discipline, and hustle, and then there are simple things they do daily on a subconscious level.

With that said, today I’m going to give something quantifiable of tangible value, and share with you 16 Trivial Things Winners Do On a Daily Basis.

The title of this post is interesting, because although the actions listed below require a trivial amount of effort, they are certainly not trivial as it pertains to the results you’ll see once they’ve been implemented into your daily routine.

1. Take responsibility.
EVERYTHING happening in your life right now is happening because of you. Re-read that sentence. Winners understand that their life is nobody’s responsibility but their own, and whatever happens whether good, bad, or indifferent, is a direct result of something they did or didn’t do. Take responsibility happens to be one of my personal core values, as well as that of my company.

2. Create a critical task list for the day
What gets scheduled gets done. Period. By creating a very clear, very specific agenda, productivity, efficiency, and focus is increased dramatically. Every guru has a different way of doing this, but I like to create a “Hat-Trick” list. Where I document at least 1 task, along with specific time frames to accomplish it in, for a personal, professional, and contribution based task. My personal task could be something as simple as buy a new pair of gym shoes, or to download a new audiobook. “Contribution” truly could fluctuate from organizing a food drive for the less fortunate, to giving away some cool, free stuff on my Snapchat. lol It really all depends.
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3. Always arrive on time for work 

4. Compliment others 
Offering some words of encouragement, support, or a simple thank you can and will have a massive impact on someone’s day, and the universe!  And this person will most likely pay it forward to someone else, who will hopefully pay it forward to someone else…who will..Get it?

5. Lend a helping hand 
Winners understand they will never reach the top of the mountain without some help, and as such, extend the same courtesy to others along their journey.

6. Give back
“The key to living is giving.” -Tony Robbins-  The bottom line is this, true fulfillment will never be achieved unless you are contributing beyond yourself and your own immediate needs in some way. While not everyone has the means of contributing to a cause financially, we all have the same amount of life’s most valuable commodity; time.

7. Invest in their health 
Foods, supplements, gym memberships, exercise classes. Winners understand they are worth the investment, and any investment in ones health and wellness, will produce a massive return!

8. Dress up, show up
Winners don’t show up for anything looking like transients who live in a sewer. No matter what the occasion,a true winner takes pride in their appearance and shows up looking the part,  ready to win.

9. Hold the door for people behind them
You’re not that busy and there is nothing so important where you can’t wait an extra 5 seconds to hold the door for the person behind you.  I know this one will resonate with a lot of you, so I’m pretty pumped up about that!

10. Respect their environment
Pick up a piece of trash you see in the street.  Return the shopping cart to the rack that’s sitting in the middle of a parking lot. Don’t be a slob when you’re eating out at a restaurant or using a public restroom! This stuff isn’t hard guys, seriously.

11.  Drink a lot of water 
Pretty straight forward here.

12. Making, owning, and learning from mistakes 
If you’re not making mistakes routinely you’re probably not trying very hard at any one thing. Mistakes are validation you’re making moves, provided you apply the first item in this list, and of course, learn from the experience and intelligently move forward.

13. Smile at and greet strangers 
Send out good vibes to the outside world, and the outside world will return the favor. A simple hello could change your life. I know it has for me on more than 3 occasions.

14. Surround themselves with other winners.
If you’re hanging around 3 broke, out of shape, lazy, miserable people with 0 drive or ambition, guess who’s gonna be the 4th? Flip the script. Same concept applies.

15. Never report a problem without offering a solution 
Whether in business or in life, if you come across or create problem, and bring it to your supervisor, spouse, or any other relevant party without offering or proposing a solution, do not expect to advance or go any further that where you’re currently at. Again, reference taking personal responsibility.

16. Live in a state of gratitude 
Winners focus on the things they have, not the things they don’t. They celebrate what’s great about their lives, give thanks often, work hard to improve on their shortcomings, and under no circumstances complain.


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