Hells Angel to Heavens Angel: the Inspiring Story of Former Hells Angel President Mel Chancey

In Episode 57, Chris sits down with his great friend, former president of the Hells Angels, Mel Chancey.

They discuss Mel’s incredible, inspiring journey from being one of the most feared, ruthless, violent criminals and boss of the notorious motorcycle club, the Hells Angels; to transforming his life, dedicating it to serving others and starting numerous successful ventures that have made Mel one of the most respected, influential, well liked public figures in the fitness industry today!

Mel shares gory details about the life of a 1%’r, the lifestyle he lived, adversity he faced and discusses being on the front lines of the infamous 6 year territory war between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws, which was one of the most deadly gang wars of our time.
You’ll definitely want to listen to this more than once, as it will be one of the most impactful, motivational, epic stories of redemption you’ll ever hear!