I’m glad you’re taking the time to read this, because today’s blog has some of the most valuable, tangible action steps one can take to immediately better literally every area of your life.

I intentionally did not mention anything about eating healthy and exercising, because to be honest, that should go without saying and I’ve produced no shortage of content covering those topics in the past.

Today we are going to discuss 5 very specific and deliberate actions you can take that will change your life for the better instantly! Not after 6 months or several weeks, like the second you start.

Sounds far fetched right? Please try me.

1. Distance yourself from negativity at all costs!

If someone you know is a constant source of stress and brings negative energy into your life, they need to go. If you despise your job, quit and do something else. Any person, place, or thing that does anything but bring value to your life, does not need to be there. If you’re constantly stressed, angry, sad, depressed or whatever else, it’s your responsibility to take necessary action to fix it.

***Don’t ask how you should go about doing it, because that’s just you procrastinating and resisting. You just do it, and if the “it” doesn’t work out on the first try, keep going until it does. Progress, not perfection.

2. Surround yourself with people who are “better” than you.

This is so important. We were all created equal, but I think we can all agree we don’t die that way. Our legacies anyway. Eventually, comes the day where your peer group needs to be dictated by more than just the fact the person is fun to get drunk with, you’ve known them 15+ years, or that they’re always “there for you” when you’re upset. If you’re someone who’s always upset, pissed off, sad, or depressed, the LAST thing you want to do is seek console from someone who fits the same bill! You think that’s what you need, but all that does is train your subconscious mind to link “comfort” with the occasions when you’re feeling those emotions, which will deter any action to be taken to fix the underlying issues.

Here’s the thing; the fact that someone is “always there” isn’t always a good thing, especially if said person is there because they have no other place to be, and have been in the exact same place and situation for the last decade. Also, a real friend who “gets it”, and truly has your best interest at heart, would never allow you to feel comfortable about, and constantly complain about situations you are directly responsible for without helping you work toward finding a permanent solution. The people in this world who will be of the most value to our overall betterment in life, are the ones who will always tell us what we need to hear, NOT just what we want to hear. Their presence alone should compel us to hold our head higher, stand a little taller. and go the extra mile. Adjust your inner circle accordingly.

3. Follow MORE personal development and motivational content based social media outlets, and LESS celebrities and/or T&A pages.

Investing your time fixating about who your favorite pop culture figure is sleeping with, or leaving creepy comments on the status updates of your social media crush who you don’t even know, and probability suggests have no shot with, will under no circumstances help you level up in life. The objective is to saturate your mind with as much positive, inspirational, and informative information as possible, on both a conscious and subconscious level.

4. Listen to audiobooks EVERYDAY.

I suggest LISTENING to books because it absolves us of the obligatory “I don’t have time excuse”. I just did a snapchat talking about how this step alone changed my entire life, and nothing could be more accurate seeing as I don’t have a formal education, no traditional family support system, and just a short time ago lived my life under much different circumstances and value systems! (If we’re not already connected, chriscavallini btw. My best content is in snap so check it out!)

As soon as you wake up, while you get ready, in the car, during cardio, while at work, (some of you can anyway) laying in bed, while meal prepping…Get it?

There is no reason or excuse to not invest in your education and personal/professional development. The top earning CEO’s in the U.S. reportedly read 4-5 books per month, which is 4-5x more the number the average person reads per year. Coincidence?

5. Give back

I write and talk about this often because it’s super important to me, and has allowed me to change my perspective (which was once pretty negative) and live in a constant state of gratitude. (80% of the time anyway)

This one is tough for some, because most have no idea where to start. I know this because I was there once. Churches, the humane society, shelters, there are no shortage of outlets but it’s important to remember they aren’t just going to show up on your doorstep one day asking if you’re ready to help. You have to make the move but one thing I can GUARANTEE is this: if and when you do, you’re entire life will change for the better. So how about googling “opportunities to volunteer in St. Louis, MO,” or getting a few friends to chip in and buy some stuff to make sandwiches, and simply go out in the community and hand them to the less fortunate? Contributing beyond yourself is the only way you’ll ever experience fulfillment at the highest level. You’ll also connect with other like minded winners in the process, and will experience gratitude at the highest level.

***If you’re in Tampa or Jacksonville and are looking for an outlet to give back, send me an email right now and we’ll do something together in the future! Chris@NutritionSolutionsLifestyle.com

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