Episode 18

The Power of Personal Development

If someone told you there was something out there that if you did it, you would be happier, healthier, mentally stronger, wiser, smarter, more efficient and increase your earning potential, would you want to do it!?
Of course you would. Well it’s out there – and that “thing” is personal development. Personal development is an often used, rarely explained term that is widely misunderstood and taken for granted. It is without question the MOST IMPORTANT WORK OF YOUR LIFE and could be more accurately described as a gift from the Gods that when used properly, helps you evolve into something so much more than what you are now.When utilized as it is intended, it allows ordinary people to develop superhuman abilities, levels of consciousness and skills. The issue is most simply do not do it consistently enough to experience the extraordinary power it possess, or don’t understand how powerful it is which prevents them from reaping its true benefits. In episode 18, Chris breaks down the impact personal development makes on the 6 key areas needed to achieve mastery in life. He discusses why personal development is essential/mandatory for growth, the impact it’s made on his life, how most people who think they’re doing it actually are not, how to prioritize your personal development to GUARANTEE your success and how without it, it’s impossible to go any further than where you are currently are in life.


Show Notes


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