Episode 20

Stop Thinking Hard is Bad

Do you believe it’s possible to live a positive life if 80% of the thoughts you have every day are negative?
Research has shown that of the up to 60,000 thoughts human beings have everyday, 80% of them are negative and 95% are repetitive – meaning are the exact same as the day, weeks or years before!It’s not possible to have a positive life if 80% of what goes on in your head everyday is negative.But what if there was a glitch in the human neural network that over the course of time has evolved, manifested and became more ingrained in the human mind, that causes the average person to WRONGFULLY believe that hard is bad?What if there was a way to fix this issue to where your brain learned to embrace, seek out and feel grateful toward all the things that currently scare the sh*t out of you because they’re hard as hell and push your limitations!?In Episode 20, Chris takes a “break” from his vacation in the Bahamas to share with you some of the most important information you will ever hear! He couldn’t wait to record and release this and when you listen you’ll understand why!***Remember if you haven’t yet left a review on ITunes please take the :30 to do that for us! EVERY REVIEW MATTERS as they allow us to reach and positively impact more people!


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