Episode 65

Good Manners, Proper Etiquette & Being a Good Person

So often, people today fail to display good manners, proper etiquette, or carry themselves in such a way that leaves a positive, lasting impression.

This unfavorably impacts literally every area of life from relationships, opportunities, confidence, happiness, and even income!

Good manners are the purest form of self-respect and proper etiquette is a demonstration to the world of the standards that you keep for yourself.

Without good manners and proper etiquette, there is a level of success that is just impossible to reach, not to mention the harmful impact it has on your own quality of life.

In this episode, Chris breaks down what proper etiquette is, why it’s a mandatory part of the success equation, and provides an in-depth analysis of the practical action steps to take in both your personal & professional life to experience the powerful benefits that come with practicing these behaviors!

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0:00:00 – Intro

0:04:10 – The Significance of Good Manners & Proper Etiquette

0:14:55 – Practical Action Steps for Proper Etiquette in Your Personal Life

0:40:35 – Practical Action Steps for Proper Etiquette in a Professional Capacity

1:03:50 – World Class Etiquette When Dealing With Customers

1:19:00 – Closing & Gratitude

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