Episode 66

How to BulletProof Your 2021 New Years Resolution

Happy New Year! We say that today, but will it really be an actual happy new year in the literal sense? One filled with growth, health, wealth, and prosperity? Or…Will it be one filled with failure, frustration, hardship, and struggle? Unfortunately, 95% of people who make a New Years Resolution will either fail or quit their resolution by January 15th.

A disturbing and shocking reality the research has objectively discovered. With the horror show that was 2020 now behind us, the importance of creating momentum at the start of the year and having a positive outlet to focus on has perhaps never been more important, if not essential to the quality of our lives!

There are those that bash New Years Resolutions and those who make them – but a more productive mindset would be to view any “excuse” for positive change as an opportunity. …one that should be celebrated, embraced, and fully taken advantage of! With 2021 upon us, we have an opportunity to start the New Year off by making a Resolution……whether it be to get healthier, lose some weight, start waking up earlier to go workout, or just creating better habits that will directly contribute to our personal & professional development. Habits that will help us move forward, grow and unlock our true potential. Many opt-out of making New Years Resolutions due to past failures and the painful association they’ve now developed with Resolutions and the goal-setting process in general. But the fact is, YOU have a responsibility to not just set, but absolutely crush your goals, every year, year after year for as long as you live. …and the New Year provides a unique opportunity to make that happen.

But how you set goals matters – and the reason why so many people will fail their resolutions this year and years to come, is because they did not address or identify the single most important element & MANDATORY prerequisite of the goal-setting process…

In today’s episode, Chris shares with you a short but massively impactful message that identifies the part of the goal-setting process people F up that leads to failure and 4 incredibly impactful, practical action steps that will essentially GUARANTEE a successful outcome with your 2021 New Years Resolution! You don’t want to miss this!


0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:46- Goal Setting is an Art Form

0:02:31 – Sacrifice is Essential

0:03:29 – Mandatory Prerequisites of Goal Setting Success

0:11:23 – Your Goals Need to Be Clearly Defined & Easily Measured

0:14:15 – Plan on Setbacks, Hardship & Less Than Ideal Conditions

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